Aqueous Cream: Are You Using It Right?

Do you know that aqueous cream can be used as soap substitute? And as a matter of fact, it is actually neither intended nor recommended to be used as leave-on product.Aqueous cream is formulated using water and emulsifying ointment which contains sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). When left on skin for prolonged or extended periods, SLS can cause irritation, which is the reason why aqueous cream must be washed off.Regular soaps are best avoided by those with sensitive and dry skin. This is because soaps remove natural oils on skins and dry them out. Besides, they often contain additives which are irritant to our skins. Aqueous cream on the other hand provides a layer of oil on the skin and retains water underneath, making it ideal for dry skin. And SLS, which is fine if only in contact with the skin briefly, cleanses the skin rather effectively, making aqueous cream the perfect soap substitute!Note that though aqueous cream cleanses well, it does not lather or foam. Also it can make your floor slippery, so do use a non-slip mat to avoid accidental falling.

Source: Aqueous Cream: Are You Using It Right?


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